The National Scientific Research Institute for Labour and Social ProtectionI -NCSMPS is a self-financed research institute that carried out more than 100 projects funded under National and International programs. Its object of activity includes: research and development in the field of social and humanist sciences, which fall into: NACE code 7320, UNESCO code 5802.01. The institute’s main object of activity is to „carry out studies and research with theoretical-applicative character in areas of national interest covering human resources management, social development and social protection in Romania”. The institute’s research activity is focused on 8 main thematic areas: 1. Labour Market and Employment Policies, 2. Human Capital Development, Training and Lifelong Learning, 3. Labour Market’s Dynamics, 4. Equal Opportunities and Labour Market Vulnerabilities, 5. School-To-Work Transition and Mobility, 6. Family Policies, Social Assistance and Social Insurances, 7. Social Inclusion, Poverty and Social Cohesion, 8. Wage Policies, Industrial Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility. Apart from the research activity in social and humanist sciences, INCSMPS carries out other related activities, such as training or specialized consultancy. INCSMPS is a medium-size RDI organization including 50 researchers who work in interdisciplinary teams with different backgrounds and expertise: sociology, psychology, economy, pedagogy, etc.
INCSMPS carried out numerous activities/research projects and accumulated significant experience that is relevant for the proposed project. Particularly significant are the institute’s research activities on issues related to labour market participation, social inclusion and empowerment of vulnerable groups, as well as career counselling. INCSMPS acquired considerable experience also by developing additional activities such as training programs, counselling and assistance, transfer of research results, etc.
The institute specific experience in international programs was obtained by INCSMPS effective participation in more than 20 projects founded by the LLP programme and ERASMUS+, out of which 6 as coordinator.

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