BLICKPUNKT IDENTITÄT was established in 2006 as a network. We offer integrative training and solution-oriented consulting and coaching for occupational, private and health-related lifestyles. Since 2009 we have been working as co-ordinators in international education projects and development partnerships. Since 2011 BLICKPUNKT IDENTITÄT has been running the Stop Dropout Program in Austria having reached more than 23.000 pupils/students. The Stop Dropout online questionnaire is filled out by the pupils themselves (preferably at the beginning of the school or training year) in order to be able to offer help in good time. It is standardised for the 9th grade and is completed by the whole class. Depending on the type of school, it consists of 23-25 blocks of questions and measures up to 14 risk factors, which are considered indicators of early school leaving. The Stop Dropout Questionnaire evaluates individual strengths and weaknesses as well as the living environment of the interviewed pupils and thus measures both the degree of risk and existing resources of the pupils. The results of the Stop Dropout Questionnaire also provide crucial information on what can be done to help pupils at risk.

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